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3D/4D Twins Ultrasound R820

  • 40 min
  • 820 South African rand
  • 309 Florida Road

Service Description

No doubt you’re extremely excited to see your growing baby in your belly — after all, nine months is a long time to wait to catch a glimpse of those tiny fingers and toes. And since 3D and 4D ultrasound exams allow you to see your unborn baby in even more depth and detail than a standard 2D ultrasound, you may be eager to book a scan with us. We give extra time for you to bond with your baby, by spending time viewing your baby's face, or hands and feet, even gender. For 3D ultrasounds, multiple two-dimensional images are taken at various angles and then pieced together to form a three-dimensional rendering. For instance, instead of just seeing a profile view of your cutie’s face, in a 3D sonogram you can see the whole surface (it looks more like a regular photo). A 4D ultrasound is similar to a 3D ultrasound, but the image shows movement like a video would. So in a 4D sonogram, you'd see your baby doing things in real time (like opening and closing his eyes and sucking his thumb). We do 2D & 3D still images and 4D live videos of the fetus. For facial images best recommended time is between 26-34 weeks of gestation and for twin/multiple pregnancies between 24-28 weeks. We also do a general check-up in 2D including measurement and gender. Gender ultrasounds are best in 4D/5D and done from 16 weeks onwards. How to prepare: -To obtain a 3D/4D ultrasound, our waves need to travel through fluid. More fluid in front of baby’s face, means better quality od pictures. If a baby is right up against the placenta or the side of the uterus, the waves have to travel through these to and back from the face, causing a cloudy look. It usually takes 2-4 days for fluid to reach the uterus from drinking, which is why we ask that you increase the water intake the ENTIRE week before. Many times, baby has just positioned himself in such a way that the fluid is not in front of his face. So doubling your water helps to give the greatest chance at having the magic fluid pocket in front of the face. -Bring something sweet with, for your scan, should baby not participate. With this scan you will get one 2D printed image for free and at additional cost you can purchase the following: - Additional 2D printed image at R35 - USB with all images and videos of your scan at R150 - Receive all images and videos of your scan via email at R25 *Please note for this service is advisable that you purchase the USB so that you can keep the precious memories of your little one.

Contact Details

  • 309 Florida Road, Windermere, Berea, South Africa

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